Our approach

Whether you opt for a long-term innovation programme or a number of short workshops: STORMPUNT not only takes care of a creative approach, but also of its implementation. In other words: we are not only there to inspire, but also to implement.


Online and offline

Even in times of mass working from home, the work can continue. STORMPUNT facilitates online sessions and shows you how to make your offline approach online. We also organise online training courses, in which we teach you how to facilitate an online workshop yourself, using the creative tool Miro.


Tailor made

There is no ready-made solution for any innovation issue. Sometimes you can continue after a day’s training, another problem requires a more intensive process. Whatever your question, we always meet (digitally) first. In a personal conversation we decide together the best ¬†approach.


For everyone

We also believe that innovation is not limited to one department, but that everyone can become more creative at work. That is why we always devise and realise innovative solutions together with all employees involved. Through simple working methods we teach them to think outside the box.


Real results

Is it a match? Then get ready for a storm of change! The focus of this storm is always on clear results. At the end of the process you can almost feel the change: there is support for the new way of working and everyone involved has renewed energy.


Interested to learn how we achieve this?


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Are you ready for a storm of change?




Looking for more inspiration?


We regularly blog about interesting innovation topics. From idea killers to avoiding sticky note fatigue. How to achieve change quickly in a complex environment that is characterized by uncertainty. Or how to use gaming elements in a serious way in the work environment.

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