Online Meeting Cards


The STORMPUNT Online Meeting Cards are our cheerful addition to your online session or meeting. Each set includes ten cards with familiar phrases like ‘you’re still on mute!’ or ‘the doorbell rings’. The set also includes two smiley cards; use these, for example, to quickly measure the opinion of the group. The sets are packaged individually, with a link to a special tip page with ideas on how best to use them. Great to offer as a gift to your colleagues and to use together!


Want to order?

We offer the Online Meeting Cards at cost price, plus 1 euro for charity. The proceeds from the meeting cards go to Right to Play: a foundation dedicated to making playing possible for children in all countries. With every purchase you directly support children who really need it!

The sets cost 5.50 euros each (incl. VAT). We donate 1 euro for each set that we sell or give away to Right to Play. Please note that we ship only to the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you have a special question? Please contact us. To order the cards in the Dutch language, please click here.


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    4 sets of cards for € 22.00 + 4.10 shipping6 sets of cards for € 33.00 + 4.10 shipping8 sets of cards for € 44.00 + 4.10 shipping10 sets of cards for € 55.00 + 4.10 shipping15 sets of cards for € 82.50 + 4.10 shipping20 sets of cards for € 110.00 + 6.75 shipping25 sets of cards for € 137,50 + 6.75 shipping

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