How best to use the Online Meeting Cards


The STORMPUNT Online Meeting Cards are our cheerful addition to your online session or meeting. On this page you will find inspiration on how to use the cards! Do you have any additions or questions? Feel free to contact us!


1. Don’t talk, but show!

The simplest variant: use the cards to prevent having to say “you’re still on mute” multiple times in one session. Keep them handy, so you can easily indicate that the doorbell rings, or someone’s connection falters.


2. Respond visually

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to respond immediately what the other person is saying. During video calls it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable moment for this. Use the Online Meeting Cards to make your reaction clear without having to interrupt.


3. Mood meter

The smileys are in the card set for a reason. Use them to do a quick mood check at the start of or during your session. How are you doing? Show it with a smiley! Or use the cards to quickly pick up what people think about a proposal or idea.


4. Bingo time

Use the Online Meeting Cards them for an energizer! How quickly can you all manage to hold a different card in front of the camera and create a nice bingo card? Or make it a little challenge on your own: will you manage to show all the cards during a meeting? In any case, we promise you some good exercise, and laughter (because who’s wearing those sweatpants …).


Need more card sets? Order the Online Meeting Cards online.