Innovation Program

Boost Online Collaboration


Fatigue, little interaction and lack of overview: online meetings turn out to be more difficult than expected. For most people working from home does not resemble collaboration. But that is not how it needs to be! With our Innovation Program around online collaboration we learn you and your team to do things differently.


More effective online collaboration in three sessions
In three online sessions of two hours each, we investigate how your team can work better together remotely and realize solutions that energise everyone. We show you where the greatest opportunities for online collaboration lie within your team or organization. We do this with practical ideas and creative, interactive tools such as whiteboard tool Miro. This way your team learns in a different way to get the best out of it online as well.

This is what we will do


  • Step 1: Explore

    First, we will clearly define current issues. What are your team members running into right now? We investigate, discuss and review what opportunities there are to work together better and more creatively online as a team.


  • Step 2: Generating ideas

    In the second session we will generate lots and lots of ideas using our mix of STORMPUNT creative style! With a selection of the best ideas we will continue to work.


  • Step 3: Realization

    In the third session it is time for concrete action. No lengthy planning, but fast assessments to identify what would work and what would not. With our Scrum-based action approach, we quickly convert the most valuable ideas into concrete results.

In between sessions, your team gets assignments to stay active. These assignments are carried out by everyone in Miro. The team can continue to work in Miro even after the end of the course. We will end the course with an evaluation session. In this session, we look at what still needs to be done in the coming period and what lessons the team learns from the approach of the innovation programme.


In-company program

We only organise the Innovation Program on an in-company basis. During an extensive online intake – in which we immediately deploy Miro – we first investigate what your question is, so that the approach fits your team or organization exactly. STORMPUNT also provides full technical support for the process.


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