15 online brainstorm tips for large groups

Can you brainstorm online as effective as face-to-face? Is it possible to collaborate creatively in large groups via video meetings? We tested it the World Cafe in an online setting! Read our 15 online brainstorm tips that will make your session with a large group a guaranteed success.

12 essential tips for a successful online brainstorm

Online brainstorming differs from having everyone in one room. You will lack the face-to-face interaction and talking to a screen is not the same facilitating face-to-face. But that should not hold you back from brainstorming online. Read our tips for a successful brainstorm. Learn how to prevent fatigue, insufficient interaction and lack of overview.

Online brainstorming: do’s en don’ts

From prepping participants to making sure you are on time, this blog contains the ten most essential tips for when you are going to work with online brainstorming tools.

15 need to know tips for online facilitators

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How to leave your comfort zone

In our innovation trajectories we regularly talk about ‘getting out of your comfort zone’. The other day I experienced myself how difficult that is. In this blog you can read how I went from panic mode to the learning zone. With three concrete tips to make it easier to leave your comfort zone.

“That’s complicated.” “No, it’s complex!”

Is the problem complicated, or complex? You can read why that difference is so essential to your approach in this blog. Because thorough analyses and a project approach from A to Z are simply not enough in the complex environment in which organisations operate.

Why idea killers are bad for innovation

“We’re a serious organization.” Ten years ago, that reaction from a coworker made me leave my creative ideas for what they were. That’s the effect of idea killers, which also occur in your organisation. Read what you can do to stop them.