Vibrant and creative, with a clear focus on results: that’s STORMPUNT. We approach challenges in a slightly different way. We believe that there is only room for real change if you dare to step outside the established boundaries.


We are the STORMPUNT team:

Esther van der Storm

“You?” A former manager once said to me, “You’re a real initiator. Someone who comes up with ideas and realizes new concepts. And when the job is done, you should leave. Go do something new again. To run the joint, that’s not for you.” He was right!


Innovation is my thing. From imagining ideas, to experimenting, to making mistakes and moving on, to achieving a concrete result: that is what makes me happy. And when I can teach your organization how to do that, how to keep on innovating, then I am super happy. As founder of STORMPUNT, I use my innovation power on a daily basis with organizations that want to change things in a concrete way.

Maartje Le Goff 

Ever since I was a child, I have seen the possibility of improvement in everything. Whether it’s the interior of my house, or the way we work together in organizations … give me a challenging issue, and I want to unravel it. Helping organizations by bringing challenges back to the core: that is what makes me happy.

My house is full of materials to get creative. I like to use these materials and methods on the work floor as well. My approach is always creative and visual. The combination of analytical thinking and playfulness is something I can use to my heart’s content at STORMPUNT.

Anne-Marie Backx

A colleague said to me the other day: “You can make something out of nothing”. With my background as a labour and organizational sociologist, that is indeed what I prefer to do. As a facilitator and consultant, I assist organisations in initiating and realising change in a meaningful way. At STORMPUNT I do this by coaching groups through an innovation process. Always with a good amount of energy and creativity!

Sjoerd Gras


Call me the COO or the guy-that-gets-stuff-done; I make sure that everything that happens behind the scenes at STORMPUNT works well. No matter whether this is technology related or legal or about developing our organisation. I take care of the business essentials, so the rest of the team can focus on growing the innovation power of our clients.






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